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大金公司廠房外觀 Company Profile(Overview)

FORMOSA DAIKIN ADVANCED CHEMICALS CO., LTD. was established in December of 1999; it entered into mass production in March of 2002; combining FPG management experience in the Fluorine chemical industry and advanced precision technology of DAIKIN of Japan we produce Wet Etching Agent Semiconductor Grade. Currently we produce 45,000 tons of High Purity Hydrofluoric Acid (DHF), 7,800 tons of High Purity Ammonium Fluoride (NH4F), and 1,800 tons of High Purity Buffered Hydrofluoric Acid /With Surfactant (BHF/BHFU) annually.

Taiwan semiconductor industry always relies on import of Wet Etching Agent of Semiconductor Grade, and their sources mostly come from a few manufacturers in Japan. The founding purpose of our company is to set up the indigenous production base and manufacturing center of the chemical products of ultra high purity. In addition to supporting a more steady supply chain, providing better product quality and higher cost advantages, shortening the shipping distance, and offering fast and efficient service to meet customer requirements of semiconductor industry in Taiwan, we can also further realize the production goal of having self-sufficient indigenous production of upstream and downstream materials in Taiwan’s semiconductor industry, reduce our dependency of imported materials, implement and support more indigenous manufacturing, and contribute our efforts for the development of the semiconductor chemicals technology in Taiwan.

Our product segments focus on the high purity chemicals which have very rigorous request for quality; in order to maintain fine quality and meet customer's satisfaction continuously, our company complies with ISO-9001 standard and passes its audit to show our continuous commitment in quality management. In addition, with growing global awareness of environmental protection and Occupational Health & Safety, it is enterprise's duty-bound responsibility to fulfill the Occupational Health & Safety policy, therefore our company is devoted to health and safety management system, and we carry out our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a stakeholder through auditing and certification of ISO-14001 and OHSAS-18001 standards and requirements to reach our goal of sustainable operation.

In the future, to embody our spirit and our vision, we will continue to improve our R&D to promote product quality, constantly introduce latest technologies from abroad, publish and update the latest product information to the industrial circle immediately, expand the scope of our service, and devote ourselves to solving customer's problems so that we can co-develop and grow with Taiwan semiconductor industry together.